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Here are a few applications for this service:

Real Estate

Increase your sales while distinguishing your agency from all the rest! Low altitude photos capture your client's home and the entire property in one picture. Another benefit is that you can show commercial properties and their surroundings.


Low altitude photos of your home and property can give you a personalized unique view.  Photos can be framed and displayed in your home or emailed to friends and family. You can use them on your website or personalize your Christmas cards !


Auto dealerships, restaurants, marinas, RV and boat dealerships are just a few examples of businesses that can benefit from using low altitude photos in their marketing. (Brochures, Post-Cards, Business Cards, TV Commercials, Newspaper)

Here at Gene’s Photos Photography is our passion. Based in Gainesville TX we specialize in Gainesville TX Aerial Photography, Couples Photography, Individual Photos as well as Sports Photography. Our Gainesville Photography is unmatched and satisfaction is our guarantee. Call today for any of our Texas Photography Services.

Please see below for various applications for our Aerial Photography Services:


Low altitude photos can document construction projects from ground breaking to completion (ideal way to get before/after pictures).  You choose the intervals at which the photos will be taken. Our method allows engineers to showcase their projects to potential clients by providing more detailed aerial photographs of completed projects.

Golf Courses & Resorts

Low altitude photos are perfect for complimenting brochures, tournaments, and clubhouse displays.  Photos and video are a great way to create virtual tours of your course on your website.

Special Events

Sporting events, festivals, charity walks/runs, county fairs, tractor pulls, demolition derby's, weddings, family reunions, and more. Low altitude photos and video can capture all the fun and excitement from above with great detail.

Legal & Law Enforcement

Used as documentation for traffic cases, low altitude photos can provide a better understanding of the case for all parties involved.

Property Surveys and Appraisals

Our low altitude photos to be used for displaying property lines and assisting in appraisal documentation.

July 16, 2024
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